Infidelity is a bold accusation, make sure you have the evidence to back it up. No matter what behaviors have aroused your suspicions, you have a right to know for sure. We are the Experts.

If cheating or another unfortunate situation has led to divorce and you have children, child custody and child support negotiations will dominate much of the proceedings. Don't let them spin the story or obscure their ability to support you and your children following the divorce.

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Experts at Catching Marital Affairs and Infidelity

Servicing Dallas, Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas

A full-service licensed Private Investigation company working the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. As a full service PI Agency with office locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, our Investigators utilize the most sophisticated surveillance available.

Our Private Investigators are board certified, licensed experts in capturing photographic evidence (film, digital, video) and can e-mail you the results of surveillance within minutes of when the evidence is gathered. We have tracked, caught and photographed 100's of Dallas/Fort Worth cheating husbands and wives. We are experts at catching marital affairs and infidelity.

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